When that light comes on in the dash where do you go? A place that does auto diagnostics. Chad Daniels and his staff at Auto Pro have the ability to diagnose all of your driveability issues. With state of the art auto diagnostic equipment they can solve those complex issues. This can include a CEL or Tire Pressure or Battery light. Diagnosing a car or truck can take time and we know that. That’s why we¬† stay in contact with our customers to update them on the progress of their vehicle.


Making sure that your car’s heater is working right or that your AC is cool enough can also be considered for an auto diagnostic test. We have top of the line equipment to help you with those needs too. You don’t want to be cold in the winter and warm in the summer. Auto Pro can having you drive in comfort.


There are many shops that are intimidated by tough to solve automotive issues. Auto Pro isn’t. Auto diagnostics is one of our specialties. We are constantly updating our equipment to better serve our customers.

So when that light comes on don’t get annoyed. Just call us at Auto Pro and we will take care of you.



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