Golf Carts

Just to show how much Auto Pro in Greenville, Illinois is able to do, Chad has also gotten into golf cart sales as well. Just like the automotive side, Chad has some great prices on golf carts. Dealing specifically with one of the most well known places around. Chad is able to get you great quality when dealing with Little Egypt in Salem, Illinois. Golf cart sales is just another side of what this business is involved with. Little Egypt in Salem, Illinois is the #1 Golf dealer in Southern Illinois. Dealing with Chad, you will get the same quality and great pricing as you would at Little Egypt. When summer comes around there is nothing better to do than hitting the greens and playing some golf. Make sure you are not caught walking the course and get yourself a golf cart. It is much nicer being able to own your own golf cart rather than paying the prices of renting. Saving money in the long run is the way to go, especially if you are an active golfer and plan to take the kids and family out for a great day of golf. No better activity to do with the kids than getting out and playing some golf! Get ahold of Chad today and don’t miss out on the great deals he has!


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