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We Are An Authorized Cooper Tires Dealer! The Best Quality Of Tires Around! Great Pricing And Warranties!

If tires is what you need then Auto Pro will get them for you. The best tire shop around. As Chad says “Anything you want”. What does that mean? Any brand that is available including all major brands and numerous private labels brands. You might be looking for custom wheels. We can get them also. High performance, touring, mud, all terrain, SUV, and CUV tires are just some of the types that Auto Pro will outsource for you.

Don’t forget that your tires need maintenance too. Rotations and balance are services that we provide. We will also check your alignment and make sure that all of the angles are set correctly. Air pressure checks are another important aspect to prevent premature wear. Our staff is here to educate you about your vehicle’s needs and tire maintenance is one that is neglected the most.

Auto Pro is also competitively priced on tires. Show us a price from the competition and we will match it or beat it. We have sales throughout the year so give us a chance. Let us quote you some wheel and tire packages also. You won’t be sorry but you will walk away happy. Remember customer satisfaction is a top priority. So let us sell you some tires.


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